Who We Work With

Student Accommodation

At CleanFab we provide Dry cleaning and Laundry service to numerous universities across London. We offer this service by installing Lockers in the building for convenience. This allows students to place their clothes inside the locker and register it with us. Once the clothes is cleaned and delivered  we serve a ready to collect text. We feel that many laundry room machines within student accommodation does not give the care and attention your clothes deserves, a professional finish.  We also offer a room bed linen cleaning service and also duvet cleaning service.

Commercial Offices

We at CleanFab can professionally serve all of your dry cleaning needs. In addition we offer much more for your entire office needs, whether it be on a large or small scale. Your staff are led by busy lives and any spare time is precious. Why not use our service to save on both time and money. We take the hassle out of your hands by our flexible collection and delivery to your offices by customising it to the convenience for your business.

PRS Apartments

Serviced & PRS Apartments now offer many great services on site to allow convenience e.g. supermarkets, gym, postal service etc. Dry cleaning and laundry is a service that we can offer to provide the ultimate all round service that may be missing from your apartments. Local drycleaners may not be easily accessible or simply not convenient to get to, so we will collect directly from your building usually from the concierge or through our smart locker system. Clients that need our service regularly are offered a bespoke service where we allocate a personal locker to give the full convenient experience.

Hotels & Carehomes

CleanFab currently provide many services for both hotels and care homes from tailored curtain cleaning to bedding and duvet cleaning. These are services which cannot be done onsite and our efficiency allows minimal disruption for a quick turnaround time. We have partnered up with many hotels and offer a premium service to collect/deliver garments for your guests in quick time. Our aim is to give your guests that home from home feeling of luxury and convenience that will entice them to come back.

Catering Industry

This is an area CleanFab are rapidly growing in offering uniforms, pressed linen, towels and many other items on a fixed weekly contract.  We appreciate that the quality of food is all important but if it is not presented with professionally finished table linen and crisp staff uniforms it will not set you apart from your competitors. In any service industry a professional and smart look will always impact on your customer’s perceptions and could be the fine line between an ordinary business and very successful establishment. Linen can simply cleaned and returned or if you require a superior service we can replenish items to make sure that everything is kept in order.

Education Institutions

In our experience schools and colleges tend to get any laundry or cleaning during the school holidays. We at CleanFab can allocate our time and dedication around this schedule to make sure all is completed for the start of terms. We can offer a carpet and onsite curtain cleaning service, this is something that most education institutions need often as the dust and germs in this environment tend to build up much quicker.

Concierges & Embassies

Through our CleanFab VIP service we offer a luxury premium service which gives that high quality and convenience at the point of call. We deal with high end clients and give that prestigious added touch that makes our service stand out from the rest. Clients that require personal, concierge or even a private locker collection is all available with our VIP service. CleanFab have a close relationship with personal assistants so we organise and communicate with them to get the work done efficiently.

General Establishments

Our above mentioned services apply to those establishments that do not fall under the various headings. We are always ready to provide on-site advice, estimates and prices at a mutually agreed convenient time.