Services We Offer

Dry Cleaning

CleanFab offers a unique professional Dry Cleaning service. Attention to detail is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our Dry Cleaning involves distinct procedures to ensure that garments are processed to produce a near perfect finish. All garments go through the stages of Pre-Inspection, Spotting, Dry Cleaning, Finishing and Quality-Control with packaging to a high standard. In line within our philosophy of convenience and availability, we offer a 24 hour locker service as well as collection and Delivery provision. All our staff are highly trained to provide the highest standards of service.


CleanFab has grown rapidly in the commercial laundry sector and offers a range of services from standard service washes to Linen replenishment contracts. We take pride in our laundry service and use the highest quality detergents and soaps powders. This process ensures safe bleaching, emulsifier, fabric disinfectant, wash boosters and optical brightness with anti-allergy qualities, all being essential for quality cleaning and maintenance. Bulk Bedding and Duvets are also part of our laundry service and we specialise in working with hotels and student accommodation premises.

Curtains & Upholstery

At CleanFab we recommend you have your curtains cleaned regularly as they are known for trapping airborne dust, odours, hairs, smoke and dead skin particles which can cause allergic reactions including eczema, dermatitis, asthma, dry coughs and hay fever. This dust and grime can also contribute to the deterioration of the fabric which in time will fade and deteriorate.

CleanFab can clean all types of curtains both on site and a premium take down and rehanging service. Many of our clients also opt to get their curtains blackout lining relined and this is a service we have mastered.

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

CleanFab have produced amazing results with Carpet & Rug cleaning. We use the latest machinery and products to ensure the best result. Carpets and Rugs usually take a lot of wear and usage so regular cleaning will stop a build-up of stubborn stains ensuring hygiene and longevity. Our detailed spotting treatment means that we can usually remove the majority of stains leaving them rejuvenated and fresh. With our expertise we are able to offer advice on the best way to clean and care for your carpets/rugs.

Bridal Services

A gown that is worn for one of the most special days in your life should get the treatment it deserves. CleanFab offers a luxury Wedding Dress cleaning service that will rejuvenate the dress and presented in our special packaging allowing it to be stored away neatly. Our detailed cleaning methods lets us determine the best way to clean your dress so that fabrics retain their shape and colour and ensure that beads and sequins remain affixed. With Our eco-friendly cleaning techniques we take the upmost care and ensure that this delicate item is protected from potential damages.

Lockers 24/7 Service

This service is one we are passionate about and are engaged in developing rapidly. We pride ourselves in proving convenience and availability through our 24/7 smart locker service with secure collection and drop off point in your building. All you have to do is request our locker service and we will come onsite and identify where it will be installed. Once complete all a client has to do is download our App and can start using the service, Simple! We feel that due to the sheer pace of work/life our 24/7 locker service is both time saving and an incredibly convenient provision. We already operate our locker service for offices and high end Student Accommodation.

Workwear & Uniform

Your Staff and employees represent your company. Their professionalism coupled with an excellent image is a key selling point and a necessity to build and retain loyalty. Let us contribute to your success with our workwear and uniform cleaning service. We at Cleanfab work with companies to ensure a rotation replenishment service of workwear/uniforms so that your employees look smart in their clean crisp clothes.

Specialist Trainers & Shoe Restoration

Replacing worn trainers and shoe heels/soles is without a doubt an expensive layout. Let us repair and rejuvenate your footwear with our specialist service. CleanFab ensure your shoes and trainers are restored to their former glory. We service all types of footwear from Uggs, Air Force 1’s, to Giuseppe and Louboutin shoes. Our service includes the best cleaning techniques to maintain texture and shape. All our footwear will go through the ozonisation process, this machine uses specialist technology to both disinfect and almost permanently remove undesirable odours. This process is key as footwear are the perfect environment for bacteria, viruses, mould and funguses to breed.

Duvet & Bedding

There is nothing quite like the feeling of clean bedding. We will collect, clean, deodorise, sanitise and deliver all your bedding accessories. Experts now recommend that Duvet and Pillows should be cleaned at least every 3 months. This is due to the fact scientists believe that a typical Duvet contains up to 20,000 live house mites. We now offer a bedding rental service so will provide the Linen and clean on structured intervals, this is more suitable for our clients as means a fully managed serviced and the highest standards are kept.